New Diagnosis of ASD

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Receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (in a child) can cause any parent to feel lost, fearful and overwhelmed.  Not knowing what the future holds is scary for most people, particularly when it involves a loved one.  Every parent copes differently with the news.  Some parents are information-seekers and will look immediately for answers.  Some parents will sit in disbelief and may maintain that the child does not have a diagnosis.  It takes time to absorb the news and each person will process this information in his or her own time.  There is no magic time frame.  It can take years to fully accept that the path a child is on will be different than the one the parent envisioned. Part of this journey may involve grieving the loss of what a parent had expected or dreamt about when planning to have a child.  For some parents, the diagnosis is a rellief as it clarifies that the child’s difficulties are not the parent’s “fault.”  One way to ease the fears and become comfortable with the diagnosis is to get informed.  Understanding the uniqueness of each individual child with ASD is a process.

Obtaining services is another stressor for many families embarking on this journey. Determining what services are available and which ones will be the “best” ones for any given family is a challenging task.

If you would like to find out more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, how it impacts on your child and what you can do to facilitate his or her development then call On The Spectrum Therapy Services.  Schedule a consultation with an experienced therapist who can help guide you through this difficult time.