On The Spectrum Therapy Services strives to provide the most current evidence-based assessments and interventions in ways that work for each individual or family.  The process of involvement with an occupational therapist can range from one or two sessions to weekly, biweekly or monthly appointments depending on the client-stated needs and goals.

Some families may request one or two sessions to learn about how autism impacts on the development of their child.  Others may ask for several sessions to obtain more comprehensive assessment, recommendations and therapy programs to promote maximal functioning.  Families are invited to request detailed professional reports to share with other facilities (such as day cares or schools) with the aim of providing consistency for the individual across environments.

A common need met by our service is couples’ counseling to deal with the anxiety of a new diagnosis or to work on developing a healthier co-parenting relationship. The stress involved in caring for a child on the autism spectrum can greatly impact on a marriage and the dynamics within the family context. Receiving therapy to get on to ‘the same page’ is a worthwhile investment.

There are also adults with ASD  who may request assistance with developing independence in daily living including areas such as self-organization, time management, goal-setting, writing a resume, searching for a job, accessing banking or managing transportation needs.  A common need for adults with ASD may include navigating intimate relationships for which therapy may prove to be the answer.

Whatever the need may be for an individual or family living with ASD, On The Spectrum Therapy Services offers quality with care in as few or as many sessions as is desired.  Living with and raising twins with ASD provides Tamara Rogers, O.T. Reg. (MB) with an unique and insightful connection unlike any other service in the province.