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Receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder can be extremely overwhelming for any family.  Knowing where to start, what to do, who to talk to, how to get connected with resources, what information is reliable and what services will help the child are all very important questions to address.  You can spend hours reading through various blogs, chat groups and online websites, but how do you know what will work specifically for your child?  You can find all of these answers and more at On The Spectrum Therapy Services.

On The Spectrum Therapy Services prides itself on providing individuals, families, schools and communities with insightful and evidence-based recommendations for managing the various challenges to daily living often encountered by persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Mental Health and developmental disabilities. Services are available in English and French.

Consultations may include any of the following but are not limited to:

1)  Making sense of Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Tourette Syndrome, Psychosis or any mental health concern and the impact on daily living and functioning within the family unit

2)  Managing challenging behavior (aggression, tantrums, resistance to change, etc.)

3)  Creating visual schedules, routines and supports

4)  Improving sleep routines

5)  Trying new foods

6)  Toilet-training individuals with developmental delays

7)  Parenting strategies

8)  Anger or Anxiety management

9)  Talking to a child about Autism (including explaining Autism to siblings)

10)  Dealing with refusals to participate in activities

11)   Sensory processing dysfunction

12)  Building a better connection and relationship with a child who has a developmental disability

13)  Co-parenting a child or children with developmental challenges

14)  Nurturing the family unit when living with the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder

15)  Parent stress management

16)  Developing a team to support a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder

17)  Communicating effectively with supporting services (schools, doctors, dentists, therapists etc.)

18)  Community Resources

19) Coping with the uncertainty, change in life’s path and anxiety about the future for you, your child and your family

20) Resume writing

21) Job skills

22) Social skills training

23) Family dynamics