On The Spectrum Therapy Services is excited to have collaborated with the Manitoba Children’s Museum to create preparatory visual stories for families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  These stories provide families with an evidence-based tool to show their children what to expect when visiting the Museum.  Providing visual cues in advance of participating in specific outings helps to reduce anticipatory anxiety and promotes a smoother transition into and around the environment.  These stories are available for download on the Children’s Museum website or here, below.

The first story describes the Children’s Museum in terms of the environment upon entry into the front doors and the general aspects of what one will see when arriving at the Museum.  Click on the link to view:


The second story gets into more detail about each of the exhibits (galleries) and what to expect from a sensory perspective as well as a social perspective. Click on the link to view:



Enjoy your visit to the museum!